Sign Up To Run Wilder

How much money does it take to ‘run wild’?

The answer is simple: None! It’s all free! Except… it’s not because in exchange for this training plan and all its accoutrements, I’m asking a HUGE favor of each of you.

And here it is:

If you have signed up, or will sign up, I need you to share Run Wilder with at least one other person who would be interested.

(If you genuinely know nobody who would enjoy or consider this, by all means, precede with no qualms. On the other hand… if you do know several people or have a blog or something like that… I would LOVE it if you could help me out by sharing with even more people.)

(If you’re really unsure of the validity of this, please fill out a form and I can send you a couple of the lessons so that you can feel confident about sharing.)

And finally, you get can sign up for the training plan!