I’m Indy Wild


I'm Indy Wild, a Christian writer, plant-lover, and traveler (not to mention certified phlebotomist, amateur guitarist, artist, half-marathoner, dilletante gardener, forager, and knife aficionado). If people ask me what I like, I usually keep it at plants and art.

I've drafted 5 books and have laid groundwork for many more. I believe in searching for the life behind a work of art and cultivating your voice to show the world someone new (that's you).

My family and I have spent much time abroad. I love exploring the various cultures and have accidently picked up mannerisms that aren't all American.

If you want to know more of what it means to be a Christian, you can read this post. I hope it explains just exactly where the Christian hope and faith lie.


(If you’ve tried to contact me and I didn’t get back to you within a week, certainly try again; sometimes my website is buggy.)