I’m Indy Wild

I'm Indy Wild. I'm a Christian writer and traveler (along with a side of certified phlebotomist, amateur guitarist, artist, half-marathoner, dilletante gardener, and knife aficionado).

As a writer, I've drafted 5 books(and written more than 450,000 words) and seriously hope for publication sooner than later. My current work is called Bloodlines of Fire.

I've blogged about four countries(one is the USA), all which can be found under my travel page. My family and I have spent much time abroad and lived in Thailand for several months.

And, finally, I am Christian.

That means that everything I do should be for God. It means that I don't want anything that this world offers--but instead pursue ways to bring God glory!


(Also, if you've tried to contact me and I didn't get back to you within a week, certainly try again; sometimes my website is buggy.)