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I write up my life adventures in a humorous and thoughtful way.

  • Who wants a tiny hug?
    Hi, ​ Today I wanted to share about one of the smallest hugs I’ve ever gotten. A little gecko was exploring the inside of our place in Thailand and I was called in to capture him and release him back to the wild. He gave me a goodbye hug (see above) just before I let…
  • Apple picking!
    Is there a good side to growing industrialization?
  • 7 cities I have to see.
    In all the world, there are 7 places I would love to see. The world is so large, and there’s so much I dream of exploring, but there are 7 cities that I just have to see. In this post, I want to show you the x’s on my map. 7. Sydney, Australia. ​Benh LIEU SONG (Flickr) – Sydney’s…
  • Our international ice cream journey.
    If trying new things is the way to go, then that especially applies to ice cream. If given a choice between chocolate ice cream and an untasted flavor, my family is guaranteed to be picking up something new. In the USA, our sweets are made from sugar and cream. Most the international treats we’ve munched…
  • My brother nearly dies for scenery.
    There’s good way down the mountain, and that wasn’t it.
  • Short post. Happy Father’s Day!
    Happy Father’s Day, all of you dads out there!
  • My family in Hobbiton.
    I journeyed to another world!
  • The inns across 5 books….
    I cannot believe I’ve come so far… only to inn here.
  • Trail Running in New Zealand.
    I’ll show you my favorite spots!
  • 3 things I’d never seen before.
    (Please don’t drink the sulfur water.)
  • Not all that glitters is a worm.
    Indy Wild loves bugs that….
  • CREEPIEST travel moment yet!
    We found a foot. But no body.