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Foraging. You should be inspired.

Running the Wild Way.

There’s a freedom when you’re out in nature. There are also many many pages of God’s creation, from the cool night breath of lucid stars or the sweltering heat of the powerful sun on your back as you work the soil, but each one has a special feel.

Though I’ve been hunting wild edibles for at least two years, I’ve never really went on a foraging trip – just to forage. It was a hazy but cool Sunday afternoon when I decided to go on a foraging outing. But the nice thing about having a lot of siblings, is that you never have to go alone.

Rose, or otherwise known as Adventurose, volunteered to come as official camera girl. Good thing too, ‘cuz’ this would be a really terrible post without pictures. (Rose on the right.) She has her own blog.

I also brought Mudboots, who I just nicknamed. She’s an avid learner with a love for nature. My little brother came for adventure and made a good discovery of his own. (Mudboots is in the water with her boots. The kid in blue is the new learner.)

They aren’t blackberries, they’re smaller and ripen right about April, so they’re dewberries. These were an easy spot and pretty much the first thing we learned to find as a child. A tasty incentive for us to keep going.

We made several good plant finds, but I think the strangest thing we found was this small frog the size of my pinky nail singing opera to a large audience of one sad snail. Picture above.

In addition to this, I spotted some Heal-all. To be honest, I thought it was Thyme (You can see the similarity, right?) I brought a bit of this home in a handy plastic bag.


We also found my (current) personal favorite plant, wild lettuce. It looks just like a really tall dandelion. It’s a bit bitter, but easy to forage and if you get the fresh new growth at the top, it’s not so bad.

Walmart! I found some more!

This is Spotted Bee Balm. It smells like… cleaning agents. But what it really smells like is that stuff that Walmart used to use during COVID to clean buggies. In fact, I’m almost certain it is.

This giant wolf spider wanted to give me a super power. I could tell.

We found some other wild treasures, including a persimmon bush, which will be great to come back to in a couple months when the orange fruits are ripe. My brother found that, just rummaging around and getting into God’s beautiful handiwork.

Okay, well, that’s it. Now, I hope this inspires you to go and forage for yourself. Just remember to be careful!

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