I warned you.

So, if you’re reveling in these beautiful pictures, you probably didn’t regret clicking here. I took all these pictures myself using a small 250x camera, that my dad bought to view his hundred-legged microchips. I use it to look at different infinitesimal legs. Namely arachnid legs.

I caught three spiders last winter and took quite some time photographing them. As you might realize, spiders don’t really like a large camera with a light peering down at them from a quarter inch away. So it can be ‘kinda’ hard to take pictures.

Since there are–I believe–over 40,000 species of spiders, I can’t identify this fellow with an encyclopedia. Either way, he’s cool.

Honestly, looking at these pictures below. I don’t remember this spider. He looks like a jumping spider, partly because of his large eyes. Jumping spiders have exceptional eyesight. They’re some of the only spiders that do mating dances, because they’re the only ones with good enough coordination. All the other spiders trip over their feet. (I mean, imagine having eight feet to have watch out for!)

This long-legged fellow below gave me some of the best pictures.

If you’re wondering how I caught these spiders, I’ll tell you. Spider eyes are very reflective and most spiders are nocturnal, so, using a flashlight, you can see the glint of their eyes in the dark. It makes it really easy to catch them.

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