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A Humorous Interlude.


I’ve been having a productive day so far.

We finished dinner with hours of extra time before we need to get some sleep, so I’ve been killing some good words. Now that sounded nefarious. Really, I was commending some good words and pinning them to my book like an etymologist a butterfly. I can’t stand killing bugs. I take that back. Okay, so I was writing. That’s what I mean, and that’s all I mean.

We went somewhere today that inspired every single fantasy writing bone in my body (there are, after all, 206). Cut straight from a fantasy book itself, the coffee shop we stopped at was otherworldly. I mean, the coffee was great (never had bad coffee before, maybe because I never brewed any of that dandelion coffee I made.), but the garden was better. Mist wafting over the ground like waves, paths cloaked in moss as thick as carpet and waterfalls that splash those who walk by. There are bobbing orchids of vibrant colors. Peach hued, opulent purple and rich deep pink, the colors were amazing. Expect a full post about this resplendent garden later, because this location pulled some major fantasy heartstrings of mine.

Using the caffeine from the coffee, I’ve been writing like a maniac ever since we got home. I’ve managed a lot of good things, mostly tying up strings in my book. I’ve also added in some missing scenes and other things. I’ve listened to my favorite seven songs like at least four times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The reason my thoughts were fomented to write a post was that I noticed that I needed a scene that mentioned a certain verfric’s armor. But that verfric was a girl. It’s not like when you’re a guy and you’re like ‘hey, want to check out my armor?’. So, I began this scene about girls talking about style. I didn’t get far.

She twirled in front of the mirror, her long

I paused right there on my first sentence in that scene. “What in the world does a girl twirl?” Is it the end of her dress? What do you call that, a hem? A skirt? I laughed out loud at the absurdity of this. I have written two books, but I still can’t perceive the thoughts of a girl. She had better be thinking about a fight, or I wasn’t going to get a very life-like character. And maybe not even then. I’ve made a couple successful scenes where one female was trying to interrogate the other, and I even had them fight each other, but this scene has me stumped. I’ll figure it out…

Anyway, all that to say, it’s hard to write and there are ups and downs for all of us. And mine turned out to be very prominent and somewhat humorous, so I thought I would share them.

Now, I have figure out how to write a girl scene about fashion.


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