An unfortunate disaster due to the moodiness of Indy Wild.

Hello, this is the Indy Wild Team.

We bear unwelcome news; there will be no daily post from Indy today.

It’s a sad thing, but he seems to be rather incapable at the current moment (in fact, we can’t find him).

It all started this morning, when he was looking rather lachrymose after making his bed. And this mood was certainly verified when he slid Cowper’s Poetical Works from the shelf and cracked it open before even checking his adored email inbox.

And he seemed content to relax with the book, out on the porch, reading about, well, we assume, general things.

It was upon our backs that we took to try to bring him back to his usual blogging self, so we asked him numerous questions and our dialogue went something akin to this.

“Hey, Indy.”

“Hey guys.”

“What’re you doing?”

“Reading poetry. Got a nice scene to write and want to get into the lyrical mood.”

”When are you going to write it?”

Indy shrugged. “Maybe a couple years.”

We were taken aback. “Don’t you know that you have to publish something tonight because you committed to blogging every day through September?”

“It’s no biggie.”

We took a break, confident he would come and do some work, but it was four hours later that he was still reading his poetry. We asked him when he was going to come in and he couldn’t give us an answer. Our inquiries, however, were not completely without fruit, because he looked at the team, us, over the bindings of the Cowper tome and spurted this;

“I watched the clouds blue, through my window.

All the white in my room, light and shadow,

I’m think of you every day, every hour, now.

And I just wanted, just kinda wanted, to let you know.”

Or, that was as best as we could put it back together from memory. We’re pretty sure it’s not a Cowper poem because he probably never rhymed ‘window’ with ‘now’ and with good reason. Also, we have reason to believe that this poem is addressed to a non-person identity and due to his recent obsession with Nekemias arborea, we figure that’s what he’s talking about.

Now, it appears that Indy has disappeared off the planet. We haven’t checked the closets yet, but we’re thinking he did something else.

There is a storm brewing outside, and with it, grows our concern, and also confidence that he’s out there. He loves storms.

And that is all that we know about the case, but we hope to see Indy back tomorrow for a decent post. Until then…

What does he say?

Ah yes,

With a spark and a flame,

The Indy Wild Staff.

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