Give the Gift of Fire

I’m a pyromaniac, and I like to share the joy (of pyromaniacs), so this Christmas, I made a very special line of Indy Wild gifts. These three torches (I actually made four, keeping one for myself) are made from jeans and canola oil. The jeans were old and ripped up, so I was going to throw them away (not!). Okay, so someone else would have have thrown them away.

I tried to burn an old bedsheet, because I had a ton of the stuff. Lesson learned. Polyester doesn’t burn.

So, I took the old pair of jeans and tore them into four pieces and then slewed oil on them. The oil had been used to fry some food, and a normal person would have thrown it away instead of keeping it, but not ole Indy. Granted it took me more than half a year to do something with it.

I encased the soaked material on the sticks in some advertisements to keep from leaving oil everywhere. I used some string to tie it all together. Finally, as the metaphorical bow on top, I wrapped them and used more string. The design of these makes it where you can have a torch that can be carried and won’t make a mess, but also, when you’re ready to light it up, all you have to do is light the paper and vhoom you have a torch. If you want more on the process, here’s a link to my other post about torches.

So, can you give the gift of fire this Christmas. It’s easy, and undoubtedly memorable.

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