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Siam Insect Zoo

  1. Pinching, black, bulbous scorpion. Size; Giant.
  2. Hairy, large, thick-limbed scorpion. Size; Giant.
  3. Gritty, mandible wiggling, beetle larva. Size; Giant.
  4. Setaceous, camouflaged bug of unknown name. Size; Giant.
  5. Squiggly caterpillar. Size; bug sized.

Those are the bugs I got to hold at Siam Insect Zoo, Thailand.

But if you know me, or if you really don’t know me, you should know that I’m not under the spotlight here. True, some guys, maybe the majority, don’t find holding gargantuan bugs that pleasant. But I do. So, that’s not what’s cool.

My sis, whom I’ve dubbed Dawn Wild, in honor of Indy Wild, of course, was more gung-ho than any guy with us, other than yours truly. We got some really cool pictures together, so I’ll let the bugs do the talking.

Other than just live bugs, the insect zoo had about four thousand (rough estimate) other pinned insects, ranging from massive moths, to gigantic beetles—the size of apples, to stick bugs. We should call the stick bugs in Texas twig bugs, because these sticks were the size of the stick you throw for Fido. There was also a butterfly garden, which was exotic and awesome. The zoo also had a corridor filled with terrariums, each with a tarantula.

And they had several more glass cases, each with a couple layers of living roaches. I thought this was cruel. Anybody going to join me in petitioning for Roach Rights? Here’s the swing; No wing, no antenna, no leg left behind. From the smallest egg, to the biggest beefiest roach, all roaches deserve to be free in their natural habitats, including but not limited to; the moldy shower, the clogged drain, the leaky pipe vicinity, and the kitchen cabinet. Making them live in a glass case is heartless. Reach out to me if you want to join the movement. Roaches have feelings, emotions, and love, just like humans. Spread the word. Welcome the roaches in your house to have tea with you. Let them attend your daughter’s birthday parties and sometimes, just have them swing by and have nachos and watch football together.


Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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