Short Post. My Newsletter.

Please consider signing up for my newsletter.

If you have had an email for long, you’ve probably, like me, developed a healthy spam culture (like a mold culture… maybe?) comprised of a fair amount of people and places inundating your inbox with impersonal emails about this and that wanting you to buy this or that. My newsletter is nothing like that. I try to tell of my wild experiences in a truthful manner, but also drawing glory to God and hopefully encouraging and admonishing people in the Word. Sometimes the short story will be about a snake I caught, a new book that I thought to be incredible, a special development for my adventure gear, or, like the last one, a school project that had a profound effect on me. In everything, I endeavor to teach God’s truth and turn people toward Him. No pressure, right? God has given me a love for writing and more than that, a wild spirit that’s always looking for an adventure to write about.

God bless.

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