A parable, a life update, and a song.

Hi everyone,

Hey. It’s me. The pretty much full-time absentee from his blog. But yes. I mean to get back into the posting mojo soon.

It’s just not been happening because the importance of posting has fallen a little behind. I’ve been editing (yes, still. It’s been a month, I know) Bloodlines of Fire a lot, amid a myriad of other projects and books I’m trying to read. And tens of miles I’m eating away at on the road.

I wanted to share a parable I wrote today.

I walked up to the most famous writer in the world. I wanted him to mentor me.

                “Tell me what you’ve done.”

                I gave him a concise list of the works I’d completed, who they were published with and all that.

                “Sounds good.” The man said. “I have just one more question. No one else who’s wanted to be mentored has gotten this right. You get it write. You’re mentored. You get it wrong, then it’s not happening. So, here’s the question. What did I do wrong in my first published book?”

                I looked him in the eye for a second.

                Do I say that he didn’t do anything wrong? No. That wouldn’t be true. But that’s got to be what he wants to hear.

                But I couldn’t lie. I told him what I thought was wrong with the book.

                “Finally, someone who’ll tell me the truth.” He sighed, with a smile. “So, tell me more about that book of yours.”

Anywhere that flattery can get you in life is not worth going to.

Also, I’ve been really enjoying the song “Stranded” by Plumb. You should listen to it.

That’s all I have today. I’m going to try to post more. Thanks y’all.

With a spark and a flame,


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