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The one thing you need to do today.

Parallels between music lyrics and spiritual discussions hype me.

I will use song lyrics to build a case, to remember something, to fight the Devil, and especially to encapsulate an idea.

While reading Ask Pastor John, “Amusing Ourselves from Death”, I was thrilled to find words that corresponded with “Car Radio”, an unforgettable song by Twenty One Pilots. (Note, I do not support all of the movements that Twenty One Pilots supports. I appreciate this song for its spiritual value.)

If you want to try this combo, read the article below (it’s not too long) and then carefully listen to the song.


Profoundly delicious, isn’t it?

If it’s still not sinking in, let me try to explain it. Dr. John Piper says that we have to think, we have to get out and start pondering the big things. The same principal is sung into the lyrics of this song by Twenty One Pilots.

And I love the concept. Let’s go, today, and do some thinking.

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