How Can One Song Lay out Our Strategy Against Deadly Pluralism?

I recently came across a bit of marketing in my local grocery store that was just disturbing. At the price of being accepted, companies are supporting, condoning, and promoting the wickedness of human beings. And that means that anyone who walks through his or her local Walmart might find something supporting something when it should just be something and not have anything to do with anything. You following me?

In other words, candy should just be candy y’all. Not political flyers.

But we can’t do anything about it and we find ourselves doing what I did—I ignored it. While I stood there, however, the powerful lyrics of a Skillet song came to my mind. They were from “Ignite”, the eleventh track in the Dominion album.

I defy it, I deny it/Striking, lighting /I ignite all of the pain I take ‘cause I refuse to break.

                Listen up, guys and gals, the publicity of this world is subtle. Now, I’m not talking about a strange sign that’s nearly invisible, I’m talking about the way that the world sneaks its garbage into our lives.

It’s that package that you walk by, it’s that scene that you forget about in that movie, and it’s just that thing that makes you feel like the world is dirty. It’s just one more tiny little acceptance of how things are.

It slowly seeps into our minds until we give approval to those who do those things because the world has over and over told us that’s what’s right, that we’re bigots because we say no to what other people consider ‘rights’.

But we deny that. We’re defiant.

I defy it, I deny it.

Refuse with every bone in your body, with all the spirit in your soul, refuse to accept this world as right. Sin is sin is sin. But when you do deny the world, the going is bound to be rough.

And you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved. (Mark 13:13)

Our defiance is going to draw blood. When the battle comes, set in your mind what you believe. Walking the straight and narrow takes a honed focus, especially when the world is going to be crashing forward to topple you over with its lies.

And then, when you’re in the fight, fighting the little subtleties, you can say. “I’m standing strong for my cause and my God… ‘forsaking not for me, cause I know what I believe’.” (From ‘Ignite’ also)

Don’t compromise.

Deny and defy sin.

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