Precipice; Noun. A steep cliff or hasty action.

When Jerry Cobalt first sets foot on the alternate universe, all seems to go as planned. Gently dissuaded from being overly cautious by his best friend, Wynthel Watson, Jerry accidentally allows cataclysmic events to sever the two from their former lives as a dating Christian couple in Seattle, Washington. When they are forced to travel with a band of aliens in search of safety, Jerry finds his physical prowess is tantamount to survival as they are attacked by deadly creatures, and interrupted by enraged aliens, who subject them to a trial by ritual for the grisly murder of a village prophet. As more danger skulks in their path and the two are separated by a treasonous alien, they both rely on their Refuge, the Lord Jesus Christ, and no one else, for fortitude to weather the storm of the coming battles.

Hey. I know I haven’t said much about this yet on my blog, but I’ve been writing a book for the last eight months or so. This isn’t my first time writing a book, nor is it the first time I’ve printed a draft. But I feel like this. is. it. We’ll see won’t we?

Nothing better than writing with a glass of water… except, of course, writing with a cup of coffee. I think my sister’s making biscuits in the background.

Anyway, after working on this draft for eight months, I finally printed it. It turned out so much larger than I thought it would be. You may be asking why I’m blogging about this, and, honestly, I keep asking myself the same question. I really hope this book hits the market.

You know, sometimes, I feel like I’m blogging for a nonexistent audience, so thanks so much for reading! I guess that sounds kind of down, sorry. But anyway, I really appreciate your support. And yes, I know that I have two spellings for the title. Bear with me.

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