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Not all that glitters is a worm.

Thanks to my trail running, I can now personally testify to New Zealand’s astounding wildlife. Of all the amazing creatures I’ve seen so far, one stands out among them all.

Sometimes I run the trails after dark. And, yes, in case you’re wondering, I have encountered odd individuals because of this habit, but it’s also during my night runs that I can see the glowworms.

These little fly larvae are the coolest little creatures ever.

From afar, it looks like a handful of stars fell from the sky and took up residence on the forest floor. When you creep closer, you can make out damp strands of web, which catch small flies drawn to the glow of the predatory larva inside.

Playing Gollum for a minute and doing a little climbing, I set up the camera on a root and sat in the ditch in the darkness, taking 10-second-long pictures of the glowworms.

Below is a picture taken from the same spot, first in the light and then the dark. Even in the light, one can still make out the green glimmer of some of the worms.

These little flies are some incredible creatures. It’s sad that they only live a couple days in fly form.


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