Our international ice cream journey.

If trying new things is the way to go, then that especially applies to ice cream. If given a choice between chocolate ice cream and an untasted flavor, my family is guaranteed to be picking up something new.

In the USA, our sweets are made from sugar and cream. Most the international treats we’ve munched are less rich—but still as good.

Ice cream in Thailand

The biggest ice cream perks here are affordability and exotic flavors, including cheese, taro, lemon tea, and durian! Count on these ice creams to be a bit lighter than most American brands, almost like our whipped cream.

Ice cream in Malaysia

I love Kuala Lumpur for so many reasons, but ice cream isn’t one of them.

I hate to say it, but Malaysian ice cream was our least favorite. I believe the issue lay in the cream-to-ice ratio (seemed to be too much ice). Pass it up and grab a delicious rose milk and you’ll be in the green.

Ice cream in New Zealand

Of all the places we’ve visited, New Zealand’s flavors are best: not too sweet, a little sour sometimes, and always saturated with flavor. The honeycomb toffee and raspberry flavors remain unbeatable!

New Zealand Airways serves ice cream on some of their flights (isn’t that crazy??) during the middle of the night, so if you fly with them, don’t you dare go to sleep!

So that wraps up almost of all of my international ice cream portfolio. Know a strange or wonderful ice cream flavor? I’d love to hear about it!


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