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Short Post. SPRING!

Yesterday was the first day of spring! What a wonderful time of year. 

The trees burst forth with new growth. Tender folds of sweetgum leaves bud from the barren branches. The oak leaves seemingly fan out overnight. The grass is tender and sweet, painting the lolling hills with a vibrance that suggests Hobbiton of Middle Earth. The myriads of wildflowers cover the grounds, some breathtaking blue, others fiery orange and some are my favorite flamboyant yellow. From the disk-like dandelions, to the orbs of crimson clover, to the spiky purple thistles, the colors and shapes are endless.

My favorite part of spring is undoubtedly in my garden. While the grasses, wildflowers, and trees have no qualms about the threat of returning cold weather,  I don’t dare set out most of my plants until ALL the danger is past. But there is one plant that goes strong all year. As everything else in the garden remains timidly awaiting the last frost, my strawberry bed explodes with life, buds white changing to strawberries green and eventually red. The flavor of a home-grown strawberry is truly priceless. I haven’t gotten a red one yet this year, but I have salivated over the thought of one more than once. It seems David had the right idea when he said “Taste and see that the LORD is good!”

That’s it for today.

God bless.

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