Adventure on a Malaysian Junket


Last weekend, my family and I jetted to Malaysia for a short stay. Our little junket was quite exciting and I’m so thrilled to fill you in on all my favorite moments and things!

Even though the flight from Thailand was short, about two hours, it took us almost ten to get to our rental and I sure was glad we’d only packed backpacks by the time we finally settled down in our peaceful flat.

Next, we spent a lot time hanging out on the balcony, mesmerized by the view of the city from some forty floors above!

The condo was comfortable, rustic, and perfect for our family.

The bathroom had no division between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. The result? The entire chamber looked like a waterpark every time someone took a shower. For reasons beyond me, I think this is hilarious.

We closed the long day of travel after a dinner of lamb and rice at a restaurant on the streets below. The place was loud, chaotic, and filled with strange sights and sounds.

I was actually surprised to learn that Malaysia is a mostly Islamic country.

Then the next day, we visited the Petronas Towers. These chrome, space-age giants are actually the tallest twin towers in the world and between the base of the two, there’s a mall.

I learned my first phrase in Malay by asking someone! The man was so surprised when I stopped him in the airport. I inquired how to say ‘thank you’ and his response, ‘terima kasih’, stunned me. Malay is a furiously fast language. I had to say it over and over again, but from then on, I was a very grateful expat.

I love this currency—the Malaysia ringgits are SO colorful!
The Saloma Link Bridge is a wonder of its own. It has hundreds of lights that display different patterns!
See the bridge?
Need to work on your looks? For only 3 dollars, you can get a haircut. This was my first international haircut and the improvement was much needed.

My personal favorite of all the things we tried in Malaysia? A rose flavored milk! If Shakespeare had tried this, he would probably have written an entire play about it. At least, I’m thinking about doing so. It was SO good. It’s made with rose syrup and condensed milk—sweet and strong.

After three nights, it came time to pack up and go back home. I wasn’t sad that we were leaving but I was sad that our time there had ended.

My family and I had a great time. We tried rose milk, we visited the tallest twin towers in the world, we tried new foods and, best of all, we enjoyed our time together.

Exploring is something that I almost never regret. Is that true of you also?

Terima kasih to you for reading, and, until next time…

God bless.

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