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Hey, discouraged readers, Want to boost your reading time with a secret weapon?

How can you do it? How do you be a good reader, and also travel? Especially if you like to tear through weighty tomes like I do? Carrying around five pounds of books isn’t exactly economical, nor exactly the best for your bag weight.

There’s a secret weapon that every reader should consider: a Kindle.

Three reasons you should use an Amazon Kindle are:

  1. E-books are cheaper than print books are and you can get complete works collection of certain authors that contain essays and plays that wouldn’t be published otherwise.
  2. You can get dictionaries with etymologies that make it easy to see definitions!
  3. A Kindle is easy to carry and great for travel.

I love my Kindle for all of those reasons! You can’t fit a library in your suitcase, but you can fit one in your Kindle.

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