The Family Returns to the City of LIghts.


I hope you’re having a great day! jI wrote (most of) this from our rental in KL the night we landed.

3:06 AM July 18, 2023.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It’s three in the morning (two in my mind because of the time change) and I’m just hoping to get all my thoughts put down before I’m compelled by good reason to go to bed so here we go.

This day started what seems like an infinity ago.

The actual flight from Chiang Mai to Malaysia was only three hours long, but finishing packing, going from our house to the airport, checking the bags, going through security, waiting, boarding, landing, getting our bags, stowing them at a luggage storage facility, eating dinner, running to the very last available tram from the airport into the city, and then a taxi from the station to our rental, all made the trip clock in at over 13 hours.

That’s a lot of travel but we’ve only just begun.

Right now, however, we’re stationery for two nights. We’re staying in the same place that we stayed in a month earlier during our trip here (link to that post here), and that’s a huge blessing. I love travelling, but I get tired too. Checking into new places can be a hassle, especially late at night (and when the place is as complicated as this high-rise building). This makes life easier.


We’re heading to the Batu Caves, which are some creepy caverns found in the monkey-infested jungles and are guarded by a massive golden statue. Stay tuned!

But for now, it’s bedtime here.

Apa khabar. (We’ll learn what that means in the next email!)

Last time we were in KL we…

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