Happy Birthday, Dawn!


Whether I’m crawling through a slimly cave, holding ginormous bugs, or eating cricket bars, I can always count on you to join in on the wildness! I don’t know a girl more adventurous!

So, I’ve taken this opportunity to tell of the time when Dawn gave the world its best quote about adventurers.

We were climbing through a cave in Chiang Dai, Thailand.

It was dank, hot, and dark. So very dark…

We had two guides who were leading us through the caves, and it was going well. We were just strolling along over the stone floors. But then, it appeared that the guides had taken a wrong turn. We had found a dead end.

But, actually, there was a small passage for us to go through. It promised a tight squeeze.

Other people would have freaked out, but Dawn and I were elated.

After squeezing through that tight spot, we moved on.

We came to a cave filled with bats. There, Dawn cut her finger on a sharp rock.

Normal people would have freaked out, but Dawn and I were elated.

There, Dawn uttered her first famous quote. “It’s not hard for adventurers to bleed.”

And those words echo through the ranks of adventurers to this day…

🎉🥳 Happy birthday, Dawn! 🥳🎉

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