Is Indy Wild really wild? A sister’s account.

Hi, guys!

Today I have Dawn Wild, my wild sister, joining the blog for a guest post.

Hello, everyone!

Indy allowed me to write a blog post for his blog. When he said I could, I was shocked (and pleased, too). It only took a few minutes for me to decide what to write about. I’m not going to tell you about the time he ran through the pastures without shoes on and told me if he got bitten by a snake, I’d have to run back to get help. Or about the time that he told me I was a rip-off of his amazing character Ryla (on that day I learn that a punch in the face is actually really painful). Or about the time Indy nearly threw up when he ate too many raw dandelion roots (ah, good times).

Instead I’m gonna tell the story about the time his owl call got the best of me.

It was on a frightful night, with the wind raging and the clouds a dark grayish blue. With the barks from the garage, I knew my hunter beagle, Luther, needed to go out. With a sigh, I headed out the door. The mudroom door protested as I flung it open. I quickly clipped the leash on my dog’s collar.

When I stepped out into the storming night the raging wind whipped my hair about. My canine instantly started yelping, the kind of yelp he gives when he smells something. I couldn’t help but wonder what was out to get us. Lighting brightened the windy sky, showing me the fear-inspiring night. I led my dog Luther to the front yard. His dislike of rain wasn’t his most favorable attribute. I held my head low, trying my best not to get soaked.

Then suddenly an owl’s hooting rang out. Not too far from me. I glanced around looking for the strange owl that was out in the rain. Forgetting my second-long fear, I continued walking. “That’s one weird owl.” I muttered.

I pulled my dog up onto the covered porch. A heart hammering, unearthly, monster-like sound came from in one of the flower bed bushes. It was one of those moments that you wonder if a monster really is stalking you. Luther, my trustee sidekick (who has led me into lots of adventures) turned to the bush, his neck hair up.

“Who is it, Luther?” I asked him. He just headed for the bush. Once we neared the shrub, Indy jumped out on me. I was startled, but I quickly recovered. Indy was surprised when I told him I thought that his owl calls were real. He told me he’d stay with me and protect me (not like I needed it, I’m Indy Wild’s sister, after all). We rounded the corner. The water from the surrounding area all pooled in our yard and created a six-inch deep, shallow river. An old Styrofoam target floated in the water. We stepped close to the white torn-up target.

With a confident, “Watch this,” Indy stepped on to the floating object. He nearly slipped off. “I’m surfing. Surfing. Surfing” He chanted. And then with a big splash, my older brother fell backwards into the water. I started laughing and Indy, of course, joined in. And, I suppose, I won’t leave out the fact that Indy claims to have fallen into the water intentionally… but I’m still not sure if that’s completely true. 🤔

Anyway, I thought you fellas would enjoy that story. Indy’s owl call and monster sounds were good (they had to be, to get the best of Indy Wild’s sis). Maybe next time I can tell you how I nearly ate a nasty bug when I was munching on leftover strawberry tops. And, *spoiler alert* Indy and I just can’t wait till we get to try the Croutons of the Sky (in other words, June bugs… you’re probably licking your lips just thinking about it). I sure was disappointed when we didn’t get to eat any fried crickets in Thailand (next time, maybe?). I guess the cricket bar was good enough [read about that here]. Love you, Indy Wild fans. I’m a big fan of my brother, too.

-Dawn Wild.

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