To all of Thailand… goodbye. (For now, at least)


As I said in the blog series intro, my family had a rather wild trip getting from the Kingdom of Thailand back to the USA. We jetted from Thailand to Malaysia, then to Qatar, and finally to the United States.

Thailand had been our home for five months, and those months were like walking the Yellow Brick Road (from the Wizard of Oz film). For sure, there were tough spots that pushed us out of our comfort zone (like getting stranded by the flooded river above), but there were also times when we ambled through beautiful places and made wonderful friends.

Sometimes still, as if Thailand were my Narnia, I see, taste, or smell something that takes me back to the country that lingers in my memory.

When we boarded a plane at Chiang Mai’s little airport and rolled down the runway, it was just like any other takeoff except the fact that with every second that the plane screamed forward, it took me further and further from the characters and settings that dominated that chapter of the story of my life.

Where the path before me leads is yet to be determined, but I wonder if a return to Thailand can be found in the unturned pages.

Soon, I’ll be kicking off with my account of our landing on Kuala Lumpur. See you then!

Confused? Maybe this will help!

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