Frank Peretti’s Thrillers. Can a child read one?

Content Warnings. Mention of abortion. (there are no details of sensitive topics in this article, even though that’s what it’s about)

What about these books? Best sellers like Prophet, This Present Darkness, and The Oath. Are they good? And who are they good for? I’ve read those three books of Frank Peretti’s and wanted to share my thoughts about who should read them and what the content is like.

Most of his books have some adult content in them, but I know he’s writing adult books. What will be in a book depends on the topics that he is dealing with. You’re not going to find as much sensitive information in a book like This Present Darkness as you are Prophet, which is based around an abortion clinic. The Oath is a good book, but with the rest of them, the vices given to his realistic characters are mentioned and described, but not in a graphic way.

For people who don’t live in this world and don’t know about all the terrible things that happen, a child for example, these really aren’t acceptable because they will introduce a lot of the world’s garbage and sadness into their minds. But, if you’re living in a broken realm where those things are already real and are actually effecting those around you every day, like most adults do, it’s good to see the light break through the dark and encourage you. We live in a world of darkness, but we look to the light beyond.

So, yes, the content is for adults or mature teenagers.  

While these thrillers resemble a lot of books that would contain no real meaning, no real message, I would argue that these aren’t like that. They have the thrills, the chills, for sure, but they’re on par with every other book. But better at communicating an unforgettable message. The Oath for all its sin and darkness, carries one huge indelible impression that ‘sin will steal your heart, make it rot, and then kill you’.

Also, some people say that the books are scary, and I mean, I’d say a little, but I wouldn’t characterize the entire book by that.

When you jump into one, it’s best to know what they have in them and what your mind is going to endure. I would give the collection of his works the phrase ‘dark before the dawn’. Yes, the books are sad, scary, and sensitive, but they have their redeeming contents, and for those of you who are inundated with this stuff non-stop in real life, these books are a wonderful encouragement and a staggering read.

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