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New Music Review– Mike Donehey in Flourish.


I hope you’re doing well today!

Thrift stores have a taste of magic about them. Actually, I don’t believe in magic. But I do believe in thrift stores.

So, I guess I do believe in some magic.

Something is in the air when you rove the endless aisles, scanning the spines of thousands of unsorted books or thumbing through rows of CD cases.

It was some of that thumbing that brought me across Mike Donehey’s Flourish album, unopened.

Donehey, lead singer in the disbanded Tenth Avenue North, weaves truthful lyrics with a fresh tune with songs like “Glory I Couldn’t See”, “Breathe in Breathe out”, “All Together”, and, of course, “Flourish”.

In “Glory I Couldn’t See”, Donehey sings “I’m waking up to every sunrise, and every night sky, to the magic that’s right here waiting but I’ve been asleep.”

I feel like I’m asleep when I totally check out on God’s glory, saturating my life with temporaries– ephemerons–when the very presence of God is beneath my fingertips, beneath the leather cover of the Bible that sits by my bed.

But I won’t see glory until I look.

And sometimes looking for glory is like perusing the thrift store, digging past the top layer and finding the goodness beneath the surface.

You just have to start looking.

And this song is my favorite reminder.video preview

And that’s mostly it for today.

I’m helping out a friend spread the word about her debut novel, so we’re doing an interview. If you’re interested, definitely keep an eye out!

With a spark and a flame,


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