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God’s art.

THE WORLD IS GOD’S ART. Only, He didn’t have to draw or paint it—He spoke the entire world into existence over a course of 6 epic days.

And, after completing His work, the all-powerful God called what He had made “Very good.” (Genesis 1:31)

What a glorious, glorious thing to say about the world that we have been given to live in! It’s an astounding joy that we live in a world where everything around us—from the plants to the birds in the trees to the flowing water and the stars so high up in the sky—has been called good by the sovereign Father.

Now, try (with me!) to focus on this! Look around you and know that this world is God’s handiwork and that all the good we see is His design and His idea.

What a God-centered way to see the world! It’s a riveting lens to try on, but an even better worldview to maintain.


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