Did Indy get an indie haircut?

When in Thailand, Indy Hair Design was my MUST-VISIT haircut destination (haircut destinations are now a thing?). How many times in your life can you get your hair cut in a place that shares your name?

For most people*, probably not many.

*If your name is Great Clips, you’re certainly an exception.

This haircut at Indy Hair Design only cost 150 baht, or 4.09 USD! (That puts about a dollar difference between it and my Malaysian haircut)

Let me know what you think of the haircut and the price in a reply email!

My mom put this short video on her YouTube channel. You can see a lot more in the video, if you’re interested in further developing your opinion of my new style. 😉


P.S. Do I look worried in that video thumbnail or is it just me?

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