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My favorite show + crucifixion reenactments.


I’m SO excited to share my FAVORITE YouTube channel today. This post has been overdue for so long.

Travel the Road is a non-profit television series made by two missionaries, Tim Scott and Will Decker, as they trek into the most remote places in the world to share the gospel.

Each video is a mixture of sobering shots of what life is like for millions of people around the world (from war and poverty to demon-worshipping), and the light, which is God’s good news, coming to the people. The clash of darkness verses light is staggering and I love to see it.

These videos, above all, show reality. There are people out there, sad, tormented, and dying without hope. This channel is visceral, gripping, harsh, heartbreaking and it’s filled with our glorious hope as Christians—and that is Jesus Christ.

They have 26 full episodes on their YouTube channel, which you can access below.

In addition to filming their gospel expedition videos, they release a monthly newsletter.

Their last blog post featured crucifixions (involving blood and nails) that take place every year just before Easter in the Philippines.

​I hope you find time to dig into these soul-nourishing, eye-opening films.


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