You’re Missing out on these books if you like Christian Fantasy.

I honestly didn’t realize how much I loved Wayne Thomas Batson’s work until I found myself packing it on my trip to Thailand.

Oh, and it was really cool when Mr. Batson posted my fan art on his blog!


Sharpening stone.

Emergency kit.

Emergency medicine book.




And a worn copy of the Myriadian Constellation.

Mr. Batson has been blessing young fantasy readers for years with his skill.

He wrote the Door Within Trilogy, the Dreamtreaders (also a set of three), the Isle Chronicles (two books), and co-authored the Berinfell Prophecy series with Christopher Hopper. My favorite series he has written is undoubtedly the Myriadian Constellation. The series is a loose Biblical allegory set in a dark realm filled with villains and heroes, gorracks and elves, swords and glaives, shepherd’s gifts and Wyndborne races. The action will draw you in as you meet an ex-assassin trying to redeem his past while searching for the man who is come to save the Continent. I won’t say any more because I don’t want to ruin it.

For all those interested, you might want to know it’s not a series for the faint-hearted. The gore and violence are thick.

That said, the very best thing about this series is the clearly drawn lines between black and white. Often, when you get this deep into books with such serious content, you find that the authors start to mix the good and the bad. But Batson never does. It’s a refreshing read in that respect.

These books by Wayne Thomas Batson are an absolute must-read for any diehard fantasy reader who wants to read a story that’s both exciting and good.

You can find a link to Wayne Thomas Batson’s blog below.

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