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What happens when you write too late into the night? (SCARY!)

HI everybody!

I’ve got a story idea that really needs more development (you know, making people to die, foods to try, and characters to cry), but I thought I would drop this here while I have a moment.

I wanted to tell everyone about my most horrifying writing experience ever.

It all started late one night… I was writing really late. Way later than I should have been. You see, I was reading Adorning the Dark and was super inspired to write way later than I should have been. Anyway, I’m typing along about these kids who are lost in the woods, being chased by monsters or whatnot, and suddenly this massive dog I’ve never seen before or since waltzes by the window, nearly scaring me out of my skin, and off into the woods. You know when your focus is so glued to one thing and then you have an ethereal interruption worthy of nightmares?


What about you? Ever have a terrifying writing experience? Shoot me a message.

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