Every Hidden Thing, by Tim Shoemaker.

                Recently Tim Shoemaker published an astounding book that I really enjoyed and would like to see everyone devour like I did.

Immersed in the depths of Christian fiction and fantasy for years, I’ve read my share of killer books, each with its own meaning, purpose, and phalanx of good characters but Every Hidden Thing, by Tim Shoemaker stunned me.                

                Reasons I loved this book.

  1. It’s captivating. Thrilling in a way that makes you glance over your shoulder—without being excessively horrifying, the plot refuses to stop taking your expectations by storm.
  2. It’s reader friendly. Cover to cover it remained uncluttered with details though still completely sufficient in descriptions.
  3. It’s undeniably Christian. Without being overtly theological, the story communicates a moral—God reveals deep and hidden things.

 Whether you choose to relish each chapter of this novel or ingest it entirely in one night, leaving this book untouched is hardly an option.

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